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Online Payment Services

  • Online Payment Services
    Banking services are provided to bank customers by dealing with the various electronic channels that banks provide to their customers (individuals and institutions) 24 hours a day in accordance with subscription requirements. Access to these services is only to subscribers through the bank. These services include SMS and internet banking: These services are innovative services that are obtained free of charge by applying to the bank and enable the customer to have permanent access to its accounts and movements, as well as the possibility of transferring funds and paying invoices through the internet banking services that customers don't need to go to the bank.

    Internet Banking
    An electronic banking service that allows customers to safely manage their accounts and bank transactions over the Internet, thereby saving the time and effort the customer needs to visit a branch of the bank.

    Mobile Banking
    An electronic banking service allows many banking services to be conducted easily and safely at any time and anywhere through an application that can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet device.

    An electronic banking service allows customers to keep in constant contact with their accounts so that SMS is sent to their phone to notify them of transactions made on their accounts.

    Credit Card
    It's a plastic card that the customer can use to buy his or her needs and then pay back to the bank, and the beneficiary pays interest for this service, and one of the most famous types of current cards is Visa Card, Master Card
    Point of Sale
    It is a service through which the buyer can pay its purchases in the stores where the point-of-sale service is available by using ATM cards and credit cards, where the company responsible for the service transfers the required amount of the buyer's account to the seller's account.

    Financial Technology Service (Fintech)
    A financial service such as (e-payment apps, online payment credit cards) is done through the use of low-cost technology and multiple use options, where it makes it easier for citizens to carry out their financial and banking transactions in a short time at reasonable costs.