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Help Center

مركز المساعدة يمكنك من معرفة آلية الحصول على خدمات منشأتي وكيفية المتابعة من خلال موقعنا.

How to Submit
  • For any of my platform services, you have to log in, and the registration process is done in two ways:

    Registration through Chambers of Commerce staff
    Online registration via the Monshati website by the enterprise

Log in

Login is done either through the public service offices of Monshati in the Chambers of Commerce or through electronic streaming by the enterprise itself.

Information mobilization

Once the login process has been completed, all required information must be entered, whether about the person responsible or about the facility. The availability of the requested information helps to make your profile an excellent assessment while providing assistance.

دراسة الطلب

If the facility needs help with a specialty related to the services we offer more broadly, it can open a help ticket in which to explain the request for help and what information it wants to get from the ticket.

Assistance and service

After studying the application, the team reviews the responses to the ticket and responds to the user of Monshati. The applicant can open more than one ticket simultaneously and on different subjects.