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Vision & Mission

 Our Vision 

Stimulate and grow an inclusive and resilient Palestinian economy through MSME empowerment and capacity development in line with national priorities aiming for an improved business environment, a diversified and independent economy that is supporting employment opportunities, and industry development based on a cluster approach.

 Our Mission 

To provide Palestinian MSMEs with a national platform convening key stakeholders and ensuring their close collaboration and coordination to:
  • Help Palestinian businesses explore and fulfill their potential and direct them to the right channels of support to address their legal, financial, and technical needs and have proper access to business-related information and opportunities.
  • Modernize and digitalize business services offered by national and sub-national actors and make them accessible for all segments of the economy.
  • Address inequities and access barriers to information and services that feed marginalization and vulnerabilities (gender, age, geographical, etc) and adopt inclusive and harmonized approaches for MSME development
  • Countering business fragmentation and isolation through the strategic development of growth-oriented sectors complemented with investment and funding opportunities offered by the Government and other development actors.