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Legal advice

Legal Consulting Service:
Our platform team provides legal advice to MSMEs owners through a number of specialists in order to assist the entrepreneur in technical and legal aspects to protect their project.

The importance of legal advice
Successful projects in the world always consult with the best legal teams to overcome legal obstacles to investment, obtain operating licenses, open branches, international trade, and pay various taxes and remittances.
It seeks assistance from legal consulting firms for a variety of purposes. Sharing and obtaining legal information is a very important part of the performance of projects that intend to provide their goods and services to their clients at the local and international levels.

Encyclopedia of Palestinian Laws and Court Rulings "Makam"
A Palestinian encyclopedia presents a full picture of the legislation and judicial rulings handed down by Palestinian courts. The encyclopedia includes all the legislation in force in Palestine, as well as judicial applications of legal clauses while keeping abreast of the most recent judgments and decisions of Palestinian courts.

Legal Clinic at Al-Najah University
The legal clinic represents an applied legal education pattern, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, At the same time, in addition to integrating students into society and allowing them to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during their study of theoretical courses The legal clinic, through its free legal services to needy segments of society, in coordination with relevant bodies in accordance with existing laws, seeks to strengthen the rule of law and protect human rights; and strengthening confidence in the Palestinian legal system.