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Finding the idea

Are you ready to start your own business?

The first step is to ask yourselves the question: why would I want to create a special project?mceclip0.jpg

  1. Are you looking for a basic source of income?
  2. Or because you're looking for an additional source of income besides the job?
  3. Or to want to leave the job and turn to self-employment?
  4. Or is there an amount of money you would like to invest successfully? Or for other reasons?

In addition, there are several questions you have to answer:

  1. What special skills do you have?
  2. What field do you like so much?
  3. Do you have practical experience?
  4. Capital allocated to the project?
  5. What lifestyle would you like to live?
  6. Do you have enough readiness to be a project owner? Or is it temporary enthusiasm no more?

Do you have any ideas for a project?

There may be an idea in your mind or you are looking for an idea, in general, there are two main paths through which you can find a project idea or review the idea in your mind:

  1. Track 1: Project work in a field you want/you have/your experience about.
  2. Track 2: Find an idea by sensitizing people's needs.

There are an endless number of questions that can reveal the needs of all of us, and the desires that we seek to satisfy, through which there are many ideas and opportunities that you can exploit.