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Launching a series of free e-training courses through “Monshati” Platform for business owners

A series of free e-training courses were launched through Monshati Platform (, with the aim of supporting business owners in developing their knowledge, skills, and financial and administrative capabilities. This is in addition to enabling them to keep up with the demands and needs of the global and local labor market.

These e-training courses tackle 25 topics to build the skills of business owners on how to manage businesses and prepare economic feasibility studies, financial, administrative, and marketing plans, as well as legal requirements for micro, small and medium enterprises.

These training courses were created in the form of interactive videos prepared by specialized Palestinian trainers under the supervision of the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) and in cooperation with the Palestinian Banking Institute. These trainers have specialized expertise in various fields, which enriches the platform with local expertise.

The participants of these e-training courses through Monshati Platform can receive an e-certificate after passing the exam of the training course. This is to ensure gaining the desired benefit and to motivate the trainees to participate.

Monshati Platform, managed by the PMA in cooperation with partners, is the first electronic platform in Palestine to provide quality services to support the financial and administrative capabilities of the entrepreneurs of micro, small and medium enterprises. It enables them as well to access sources of financing by applying for financing for their businesses online, including applying for financing from the Sustainability Fund that is allocated for this important group. The Platform also provides a help corner that allows entrepreneurs to seek assistance online by filling out an application and identifying problems they face in their businesses. These problems are sent to the helpdesks of Monshati in the Chambers of Commerce in (Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, Jericho, and Central Gaza). They are addressed by experts and specialists. Further, the Platform allows booking online appointments with representatives of Monshati Offices in the Chambers of Commerce for advice and assistance.