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Aya Dajani, Founder of Kids Lab

Learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) has become more important than ever before, especially in early childhood. It has become the orientation of jobs and careers now and in the future. Therefore, in Kids Lab we focus on creating fun experiences for children and challenges that arouse their curiosity in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and help them acquire the skills of creative thinking, cooperation, perseverance, and curiosity.

At KidsLab, we believe that Every child can invent, so we help children move away from traditional thinking, provide the right resources and atmosphere for them to arouse their curiosity, and encourage them to explore. All the activities and challenges that we present to the children are being applied using scientific and engineering thinking and design thinking, we strive to make it a way of life for our children. We start each event by arousing their curiosity by preparing the right atmosphere or raising many questions, urging the kids to think about solutions to the problem, discuss solutions with their colleagues to reach the best choices, try and implement the solution, evaluate, and improve. We prepare children for life and the future through science and engineering. Exercises include a different hands-on activity in each class, some activities are given by games and scientific models specifically for each subject, and most of the activities rely on recycling in their application to promote this important culture in the minds of our children.

I’m the manager of a local project that provides STEAM training for kids. During the Covid-19 quarantine, we were forced to close our location, and it was difficult financially to keep the project closed, and very difficult emotionally for us as a team to stay with no work. With the trend of online education especially using zoom and hearing all the families struggling with their kids who are spending a lot of time on the screens, we came up with the idea of preparing boxes that contains a set of STEAM experiments materials, tools, and catalog for each experience for the families as a gift for Ramadan. We prepared only 50 boxes that surprisingly sold in a few days!

After that, we prepared more 2 boxes with different collections of experiments, and what was strange was that most of the first box’s customers bought the second and the third box, and from there we upgraded the idea to become subscription boxes to get a new box either monthly or quarterly. And based on the needs of our customers we started to provide zoom classes for each box.

In the past, the toys and robots we had were enough for only nine children, and our goal was to reach fifteen children, after taking Monshati services, we were able to increase the number of robots, toys, and equipment to reach our goal.
My dream for the children's lab is to be the first officially registered laboratory in Palestine.

Aya Dajani, Founder of Kids Lab