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Electronic Goverment

E-government payment services aim to develop government collection channels through the establishment of a government electronic payment portal that is easily accessible, connected, and secure so as to reduce the risks associated with cash circulation and management.

As part of the implementation of the National Plan to Promote the Use of Electronic Means of Payment 2018-2023, and with a view to reducing the use of cash and achieving the Government's priority and vision in raising the quality of government services provided to citizens, the Palestinian Government is introducing and operating the Government Online Payment Portal to enable government services to be provided to citizens via electronic channels and online payment.

The portal will be launched gradually so that it will be launched with 10 government services and services will be added on a continuous basis.

With regard to the payment process, the government service portal will be launched in several phases:

Phase one: On the cards in the collection of fees, as well as on the cash that the citizen can pay at the agents of the payment company.
Phase two: The Palestine Monetary Authority will link the government portal to its operating systems in the last quarter of next year to allow citizens to pay in addition to cash and cards by electronic wallets, through the bank's online services, and through the ATM.